From Mechanisms to Engineered Interventions for Epilepsy  




Poster Session winners:

Applied Science

     Winner:  Vadym Gnatkovsky, "Evaluation of the epileptogenic zone based on computer assisted network analysis of electrical stimulations during intracranial stereo-EEG recordings"

     Honorable Mention:  Juan Manuel Lopez, "Identification of pre-ictal states based on an EEG-ECG multi-feature clustering approach"
     Honorable Mention:  Nicholas Czarnek, "An analysis of temporal separability of spectral power features in the FSPEEG database"

Basic Science

     Winner:  Catalina Alvarado-Rojas, "Two different mechanisms contribute to high-frequency oscillations (200 Hz) in the human epileptic subiculum in vitro"

     Honorable Mention:  Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani, "State of Vigilance Based Seizure Prediction in the Tetanus Toxin Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy"
     Honorable Mention:  Pascal Benquet, "Assessment of excitability in neuronal populations based on selective activation of interneurons"


General information

A core objective of this meeting is to focus the International Seizure Prediction Group (ISPG) on engineering a better understanding of underlying physiological mechanisms as they specifically relate to clinical recordings, and a better insight into how to OBSERVE these mechanisms and their associated dynamics.

We envision that the talks themselves will be organized into three general groupings:

• Basic Mechanisms in Epilepsy
• Observation of pre-seizure and seizure initiation mechanism dynamics
• Engineering Observation and Intervention Systems for Epilepsy.

We invite all participants to submit abstracts. A number of contributed abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations at the conference, although a majority will be selected for poster presentations. In addition to the formal poster session Wednesday evening, the posters will be displayed in the conference area throughout the meeting, and available for informal discussion during meals and breaks.

Furthermore, we are arranging for a special issue on seizure prediction to be published in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology ( This will include approximately three review articles, penned by the organizers reviewing the core elements presented. All participants are invited to contribute research articles targeted to be published in this issue. Such contributions are submitted directly to the journal, and are subject to the journal’s standard peer-review process. Please plan accordingly. Contribution instructions are posted at  Note that our plan is for this issue to appear in spring of 2014, so contributed submissions should be targeted for early Fall 2013!




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